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Latest Release

(September 21, 2001) Moved to the 1.5.2 release of NetBSD. Also added support for PPTP

(April 8, 2001) Moved to the 1.5 release of NetBSD. Also added support for PPPoE

(May 14, 2000) Included a fix for a bug found in the NetBSD kernel. Full information is here.

(April 14, 2000) The current release is a 1.2 version. Over 400 people are running it after just the first six weeks online. We've moved to NetBSD version 1.4.2, a few weeks after it became available. Most important change is the support of more hardware. Check the supported hardware link for a full list.


(March 6, 2000) The system is fully operational, and fairly secure, and it is being used by a group of knowledgable folks from the NetBSD community, all people with extensive experience in corporate firewalls, and suggestions for improvements are constantly being made. We expect to have a version that supports dynamic addresses from your provider finalized at the end of March, currently the support works, but for firewalls one expects rigorous testing, and we're going through that right now. After that, we'll focus on add-on packages, such as proxy servers for http. If you've got something you'd like to see, tell us!