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What software do I need?

Before you install NetBSD/i386 Firewall, you need to download enough software to fill two floppy disks.

Then, you need to download a small application that allows you to transfer the software you just downloaded to the floppy disks.

Is two floppy disks all you need? Yes. On the floppy disks is enough software to start up your firewall computer, let it connect to the Internet, and get the rest of the software from this web server automatically.

Make sure you have an empty, freshly formatted floppy ready when you download the software.

The data that needs to get on the floppy can be downloaded from here.

Of course, when you've downloaded it, you need something to transfer it to the floppy disk.There's a small application that will do that for you, which is in the zip file.

After you have decompressed the zip file, you should have four files in the same directory, one called "boot1.fs", another called "boot2.fs", and one called "rawrite.exe" and a readme.txt document.

The content of the readme.txt file is as follows:


This README.TXT file is designed to assist you in creating a Disk Image using the included program "rawrite.exe".

Items included in this Archive are:

- boot1.fs ( The 1st Boot Disk Image)

- boot2.fs ( The 2nd Boot Disk Image)

- rawrite.exe ( The Disk Image Writer)

In order to make this as simple as possible, please follow these instructions:

(NOTE: Do NOT type the quotes surrounding the values instructed to be entered)

1.) Create a directory on the C: drive named "download"

2.) Copy the files listed above into the C:\download directory

3.) Open a DOS Prompt window:

- On Windows95/98 select "RUN" from the "START" menu and type "COMMAND" then press ENTER.

- On WindowsNT/2000 select "RUN" from the "START" menu and type "CMD" then press ENTER.

4.) Type "CD\" then press ENTER. (This should bring you to the C:\ Prompt)

5.) Type "CD\download" then press ENTER. (This should bring you to the C:\download Prompt)

6.) Type "rawrite" then press ENTER.

7.) When prompted for the 'source file name' enter "boot1.fs" to create disk #1 or "boot2.fs" to create disk #2.

8.) You'll be asked which drive is the 3.5" Floppy drive. Enter the drive letter (Usually 'A') and the disk will be created.

9.) Repeat to create the second disk.

At this point you should have two Boot diskettes. Label them appropriately so you do not forget which ones they are.

Now you may proceed with the installation as detailed at: